The benefits of Hemp

So why would you buy a hemp based product over one made from another material? Well some prefer the aesthetic of hemp based materials but there are also very many other benefits which it is worth considering.

Hemp fibre is ten times the strength of cotton and can be used to make many types of clothing and handbags. Cotton will only grow in warm climates and requires huge amounts of water to grow.

Hemp requires much less water and will grow in many varied climates

Hemp has the natural ability to repel weed growth and has few insect enemies. This means there is much less need for pesticides or herbicides.

Hemp can produce twice as much fibre per acre as cotton! 24 square miles planted with hemp will produce enough fibre in one year to make 100 MILLION pairs of denim jeans!

Technological breakthroughs have meant that new building materials that can be used as a substitute for wood can be made from hemp. These materials are cheaper than wood and mean slow growing trees do not have to be chopped down for their production.

There are many other benefits of hemp and hemp products and we will continue to post them here in our blog

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