Natural Eco-friendly Hemp Bags and More!

Welcome to the Incredible Hemp Bag store. Here we sell eco-friendly, natural Sativa hemp bags, hemp hoodlamb hoodies & jackets and other hemp-based products. Dating back to the stone age, hemp is an extremely environmentally friendly substance as it can be grown without the use of damaging herbicides or pesticides. It is one of the fastest growing biomasses known and has a huge variety of uses besides hemp bags (please see our hemp blog for more info). We have a wide range of hemp bags from functional hemp messenger bags and backpacks to stylish hemp hand and shoulder bags.

Hemp Doesn’t Cost the Earth

Imagine a plant growing in harmony with the earth, harvested by the sun, flourishing without need of herbicide or pesticide. As it grows, it suppresses weeds, returning nutrients to the earth via its roots and fallen leaves.

What Is Hemp?

Hemp is a fiber made from Cannabis plants. It’s versatility means that it has a variety of applications, from the bags on this site to food and biodegradable plastics.

Hemp Food and Nutrition

One of the many uses of Hemp is as a food source. Examples of Hemp foods are hemp milk, hemp seed oil

Hemp Paper: The Future

The BioRegional Development Group, a charitable organisation who provide consultancy and solutions for sustainable living

Hemp Paper

Hemp can easily be processed into paper and because of it’s high growth rate, hemp pulp is better suited to be used as paper than wood pulp