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Hoodlamb Classic Mens Jacket

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A great addition to the Hemp Hoodlamb Classic Mens Jacket range. The Canno hoodlamb jacket includes the same features as the other jackets in the range such as super warm fake fur (Hoodlambs Satifur), a rolling paper dispenser and secret pocket.

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Hemp Hoodlamb Jacket features

As well as boasting the features on all the Mens Classic Hemp Hoodlamb range, this jacket comes in a unique Canno arctic cannoflage design.

Hemp Hoodlamb Jacket Sizes

Buying clothes on the internet can be tricky if you dont know the exact sizes. Each Hoodlamb Jacket size measures up to the following:


Chest 58.5cm
Waist 53.5cm
Arms 88cm


Chest 62cm
Waist 57cm
Arms 93cm


Chest 65cm
Waist 60cm
Arms 95cm


Chest 69cm
Waist 64cm
Arms 97cm

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