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Information relating to all things hemp. This category in the Incredible Hemp blog contains more general facts about hemp.

The benefits of Hemp

Monday, September 10th, 2012

So why would you buy a hemp based product over one made from another material? Well some prefer the aesthetic of hemp based materials but there are also very many other benefits which it is worth considering.

Hemp fibre is ten times the strength of cotton and can be used to make many types of clothign and handbags. Cotton will only grow in warm climates and requires huge amounts of water to grow.

Hemp requires much less water and will grow in many varied climates

Hemp has the natural ability to repel weed growth and has few insect enemies. This means there is much less need for pesticides or herbicides.

Hemp can produce twice as much fibre per acre as cotton! 24 square miles planted with hemp will produce enough fibre in one year to make 100 MILLION pairs of denim jeans!

Technological breakthroughs have meant that new building materials that can be used as a substitute for wood can be made from hemp. These materials are cheaper than wood and mean slow growing trees do not have to be chopped down for their production.

There are many other benefits of hemp and hemp products and we will continue to post them here in our blog

Hemp Paper: The Future

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Continuing from our previous post about Hemp Paper, we have found an organisation who (among other things) are doing work in the UK in the area of hemp paper production and its feasibility.

The BioRegional Development Group, a charitable organisation who provide consultancy and solutions for sustainable living had the following to say:

“In 2003 we made a trial run into researching making hemp paper/textile production as a viable economical option in the UK, we used 80% London sourced post consumer waste paper and 20% Essex hemp. The paper was turned into writing sets and are available for purchase.

Hemp paper is stronger, finer and longer lasting than wood based paper which is why it is still used to make the finest grades such as cigarette papers, bibles and bank notes. The long, strong fibres of hemp can be used to upgrade shorter recycled paper fibres. Our work has now turned to developing machinery that can make paper pulp from wood and non-wood resources such as hemp; the BioRegional MiniMill is currently running paper production trials using straw and may trial hemp in the future.”

It’s interesting to note that not only did the group use a recycled/hemp paper mix, but they also sourced the materials from geographically close locations, further reducing the environmental impact of the hemp paper production process.

Read more on the feasibility of hemp production.

Read more on BioRegional MiniMills.

What Is Hemp?

Monday, September 10th, 2012
Cultivation of industrial hemp for fiber and for grain in france.

Cultivation of industrial hemp for fiber and for grain in france.

Hemp is a fibre made from Cannabis plants. It’s versatility means that it has a variety of applications, from the bags on this site to food and biodegradable plastics. It’s environmentally friendly credentials come from the fact it is an extremely fast growing biomass that needs relatively few pesticides and no herbicides. Industrial Hemp is made from the Sativa variety of the Cannabis plant. The active ingredient in marijuana (called Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC) is present only in very low quantities in Hemp, nowhere near enough to have the same effects on people that marijuana does. As such, it is widely produced around the globe and in China, it’s useage dates back ten thousand years.

Hemp Doesnt Cost the Earth

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Below is an article sent to us by Sativa, the maker of our hemp bags.  It describes their environmental policies and ethos. At Cobra Supplies, we are 100% supportive of such a forward thinking company.

“Imagine … a plant growing in harmony with the earth, harvested by the sun, flourishing without need of herbicide or pesticide. As it grows, it suppresses weeds, returning nutrients to the earth via its roots and fallen leaves. Imagine a plant whose durability and versatility has sustained civilisations old and new. Its core, fibres, flowers and seeds yielding raw material for almost every conceivable human need. That plant is hemp. We at Sativa proudly support hemp’s eco-friendly cultivation and use …”

The passage above is the opening text in booklets that we Sativa provide with every hemp-based product that we sell. We are proud of the design and function of all the bags that we make; but above all it is our hemp bags that are the greatest source of pride. We passionately advocate its eco-friendly qualities and are keen to promote awareness of this under-used material in the public consciousness through describing its eco-friendly virtues. We believe that by promoting awareness of hemp’s properties, and drawing attention to how cultivation of hemp has been suppressed by those with a vested interest in maintaining the dominance of rival materials, we can encourage buyers of our product to actively favour other hemp based products over their less environmentally-friendly rivals.

Not only is hemp acknowledged as amongst the most eco-friendly raw material to cultivate, but its great durability means that our bags age well and so will serve their purpose for longer, fostering a sustainable lifestyle. Furthermore, we strive to run our business in a green way, through the use of recyclable packaging and only shipping rather than using air-freight. We recently switched over to UPS as our preferred UK courier due to the company’s commitment to environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Within the business community we also promote the idea that an ethical and environmentally conscious business model is possible – that high profits and principled ethics can go hand in hand.

We also believe that an appreciation of wider ethical concerns go hand in hand with an awareness of green issues. Fundamentally, we believe that respect for the rights and welfare of our workers can translate to a greater respect that our workers have for the environment. All our products are manufactured in a single family-run factory in China. Our relationship with the family has evolved over the years; we regularly visit and have actively promoted awareness of green issues amongst the owners and workers. Working conditions at the factory satisfy the highest standards, with clients such as the WWF and the Amnesty International Eden Project paying testament to our eco-aware and ethical business practices.

In conclusion, our company seeks to provide products with a manufacturing and delivery life-cycle that is as environmentally friendly as possible, and to raise awareness that the purchase of a hemp-based product is a small but nevertheless important part of a necessary revolution in the way we nurture and make use of the Earth’s resources, a way that will sustain the harmonious co-evolution of man and the planet on which we all live.